Lyrispect expertly aligns, purpose, professionalism and artistry. She is a committed creator and stellar collaborator. She always draws on her multiple talents and resources to make any project she works on a success.
— Jacob Winterstein, Poet, Co-founder of The Pigeon Presents & Camp Bonfire 

This site is light and easy to navigate.  Most pages provide a video or image and brief description. The whole site can be viewed in a matter of minutes. You can purchase my book "The PreCursor" on the "Spectrum of a Supernova" page and sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of each page. Thanks for visiting. I hope we can do something dope & meaningful together soon! -L

I have been blessed, commissioned to produce compelling work in support of meaningful causes. While each is unique—some created wholly by myself and others with brilliant collaborators—all are rooted in progress and positive change. I’ve selected some of my favorite samples. Please enjoy, and get in touch.


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