Nina “Lyrispect” Ball is a unique, powerful force giving voice to the beauty, challenges and creativity in our community. Her lyrical prose provides a smart, honest, searing commentary on our past and present reality.
— -Sara Lomax-Reese, President/CEO WURD Radio


I am an award-winning lyricist, author, educator and voiceover artist whose work empowers, challenges and inspires through the compelling marriage of multiple art forms. I am an activist and advocate for girls, women, people of color and marginalized communities.

Photo by Dominique Nichole

What informs my teaching and performance art: grit, pulchritude, justice, honesty,humor, love, inclusivity and cultural pride. I infuse in all of my work the belief that earnest art with intelligent and thoughtful execution can heal, liberate and transform.

I received classical theater training from Baltimore School for the Arts and specialize in  voiceover, accents, education, performance and event curation. From India and the British Virgin Islands to North Philly, I have performed around the world partnering with brilliant minds and honest hearts, making lifelong friends and absorbing new cultures.

Among the many things I’ve been able to accomplish during a creative career of 20+ years, I am a proud member of the Spoken Soul 215 Collective and Co-executive producer of the Harvest Open Mic and Showcase Experience and author of The PreCursor, the first of seven installments of Spectrum of a Supernova, a multimedia series of signature work. I also rhyme. That's pretty cool.

I received my B.A. in Film and African-American Studies from Temple University and have been fortunate to create with & for organizations such as BLACK GIRLS ROCK!, Array Now and The NAACP.  I have shared stages with Yassin Bey (Mos Def), Saul Willams, Ursula Rucker and myriad of other supernovas in this complex multi-verse. 

Nina is a renaissance woman, one of those gifted people who is very good at very many things.
— -Ava DuVernay, Filmmaker. Founder of Array Now 


Honors & Distinctions

  • Asia Adams Foundation Positive Image Award
  • ADDY Award, Philly Powered Campaign Video
  • Array Now
  • Barnes Foundation
  • Cultural Explosion Trumpet Awards
  • Def Poetry Jam.com Featured Poet
  • Muhlenberg College 
  • Ntozake Shange Lifetime Achievement Performer
  • NAACP National Convention Speaker
  • New York University
  • Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia Conference Presenter
  • Peace is a Haiku Song Contributor
  • Reelblack TV Host
  • Sonia Sanchez Women's Studies Award
  • Telly Online Video Award, PHL: Here for the Making Tourism Video
  • Temple University Lavender Graduation Keynote 
  • Urban Arts Honor Society Honoree
  • U.S. Coast Guard Event Performer
  • White House Invited Guest
  • Young Audiences