Spectrum of a Supernova

Spectrum of a Supernova is a multimedia creative series in seven parts. The first installment, The PreCursor, is a collection of my signature poems, including bonus content of the β€œHer-Story,” a one-act play originally cast and read at The National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The second installment, Mantras for the Modern-Day Mentalist, is an aural experience, combining hip hop, poetry and music with high vibration repetition and evocative lyrical messaging. Release date early 2018.

Literature & Music

  • The PreCursor
  • HerStory
  • Contributor to Betwixt, between, or beyond?: Negotiating, Trans'formations from the Liminal Sphere of Contemporary Black Performance Poetry by Birgit Bauridl
  • Music collaborations: Mecca with Tanikka Charrae & Manchilde